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Before all else, it’s crucial to understand that your franchise agreement is a legal contract and the franchisor is only obligated to provide you with the support and services itemised in the franchise agreement.

Support varies from franchise to franchise, each model will have tailored support that should suit the individual business, but how do you know the support will be sufficient? There are a few things you can check before signing on the dotted line.

When speaking to existing franchisees during the due diligence phase, did you ask about the support? Was it an aspect of the business they praised or criticised?

Certain aspects of support should be common across all types of franchises, including:

  • Operations, training and procedures manuals.
  • Mentoring and day-in-the-field programs that allow new franchisees to gain valuable insight from successful and experienced existing business owners within the network.
  • Meetings and conferences.
  • Training of your first staff and/or contractors, and teaching you HOW to train future team members.

If you’re buying into a ‘bricks-and-mortar’ franchise, look into these crucial elements of support:

  • Site selection, development and construction assistance; some franchisors will be more hands-on than others in this area; some may handle the majority of the process, others just guide you through, and some may only provide you with information on the type of location you should be looking for, and you are expected to develop your location and fit out your store, then only have the franchisor’s final approval before you can commence operating.
  • Traditional field support (including how much access you have to them, as well as how often they visit); this is crucial for bricks-and-mortar businesses, as there are so many functions to a store that support personnel would not be able to give guidance or recommendations for without physically visiting and understanding how your business operates from day-to-day.

What do Top Snap franchisees have to say?

Now retired, Stan and Jackie operated Top Snap Blacktown from 2012 to 2017:

“The head office team is always on hand to help sort any problem you may have, big or small nothing is ever an issue, they are always only a phone call away, the support is second to none”.

To find out more about the Top Snap business opportunity, get in touch with our franchise team today.

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